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      In recent years, museum cultural relics showcases have grown due to the growing demand for cultural relics and artwork exhibitions. Then the design of museum cultural relics showcases is also a relatively new industry in recent years. So the style of the pavilion is actually a cultural manifestation, which requires a very creative idea. According to the theme of the entire museum, the design of the museum showcase style directly affects the overall quality of the showcase.
      Due to the different content and design style of each museum, it is necessary to do a good job of analysis before designing. Find the right design direction. The style of the showcase is affected by a variety of factors, such as the era, building materials, tradition, etc., which all affect the background of the design. The design of the museum showcase requires some whimsy and artistic accomplishment. The design styles of museum showcases include Chinese style, standardized style and life scene style. Today, the engineers of Hangzhou Liankang showcase will give you a brief understanding of the latest design styles in 2022.
      1. Chinese style plan, interpret Chinese traditional culture with modern methods, pay attention to the expression of cultural connotation, and integrate Chinese elements into the design of modern museum showcases, instead of blindly copying. The traditional Chinese style emphasizes symmetry and harmony in the layout of the scene. This style has the widest audience and the largest mass base.
      2. Standardized style design. Standardized style design mainly consists of standardized display walls, showcases, display racks, etc., with a focus on modernity and technology. Let the showcase have an overall temperament and high-end style.
      Third, the classical style design. In the showcase design language, classical elements have always become the preferred style of many cultural relic showcases. Because of its unique and classic temperament, it is matched with cultural relics that have experienced the baptism of historical years in carving. Let the whole style complement each other.
      Fourth, the new scene style design, the life-oriented showcase design should pay attention to the use of new concepts, so that the museum space has a sense of intimacy, create a high-level professional display atmosphere, and make the space artistic conception closer to the style of the displayed items. Let visitors feel comfortable and natural experience.
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