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        People often go to museums to learn a lot of knowledge and get closer to the essence of history and culture. I believe many of my friends have the same doubts or problems. Museum cases seem to be tightly sealed. How do artifacts and exhibits fit in or change?



        Today, the linkang exhibition case engineer zhou will take you to understand the museum exhibition case layout and display replacement process.

        1, 如果是布展的話相對來說就簡單很多,因為首次放置文物的時候博物館的生產制作方會協助教導使用方法。并且因為原始柜體是空的,所以放置比較安全和簡便。我們只需要將展柜背面的開關門打開,把展柜的底托取下。然后把產品固定好放置即可。

        1. If the exhibition is arranged, it will be much easier, because the museum's production and production staff will help teach how to use the relics when they are placed for the first time. And because original cabinet put oneself in another's position is empty, place so safer and simpler. All we need to do is open the door on the back of the display case and take off the bottom support. Then place the product firmly in place.

        2, 相比于第一次的布展,后期的更換難度系數可謂是幾何倍增張。因為博物館展柜里面已經有放置的文物。我們需要先安全取出然后才能放置新的文物進去。

        2. Compared with the first exhibition, the difficulty coefficient of replacement in the later stage is geometric multiplication. Because there are already cultural relics in the museum display cases. We need to get it out safely before we can put new artifacts in.


        A, 取出文物,這一步是至關重要的一步。因為文物都是很珍貴的,稍有不慎導致就會導致損壞。我們在取出的時候至少3個人協同作業。其中2個作為主要操作者,第3個人作為預防或者協助的角色在旁邊幫助。

        At this point the steps are broadly divided into three parts.

        A. take out the artifacts. This is A crucial step. Because cultural relics are very precious, a slight mistake will lead to damage. We had at least three people working together when we took it out. Two of them act as the main operator, and a third ACTS as a guard or helper.

        B, 取出文物后我們需要檢查展柜的內部是否有破損,或者電路是否正常。有的恒溫恒濕的展柜還要清洗內部。保持內部的清潔。

        B. After taking out the cultural relics, we need to check whether there is any damage in the exhibition cabinet or whether the circuit is normal. Some constant temperature and humidity of the cabinet also clean the inside. Keep the interior clean.

        C, 再次放置新的文物展品。放入新的展品的步驟和原來首次新放入文物的流程大致一樣,這里就不多做說明。

        C) placing new cultural relics again. The procedure for adding new objects is much the same as the original procedure for adding new objects.



        To sum up, the use of cultural relics exhibition cabinets has a lot of attention and attention to the norms of the place, cultural relics should pay more attention and be careful when the replacement, according to the prescribed process through the line. Protect precious cultural relics from damage. Dear friends, do you know how the museum display cases are carried out during the replacement of cultural relics? For more professional questions, please visit the official website of liankang: www.hzliankang.com. We welcome your call at any time.



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